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Vehicle Telemetry

How Is External Data Used in Vehicle Telemetry?

The main purpose of vehicle telemetry is safety; therefore most of the data is external. To that end, a variety of sensors and devices collect data in real time on location, weather, and road conditions, as well as the speed, acceleration, and movement of other vehicles on the road. The vehicle’s telematics system processes all this data and presents it to the driver (or fleet supervisor) in real time, making sure to identify urgent issues for immediate driver notice.

How are Machine Learning Models Used in Vehicle Telemetry?

Developers have created machine learning models to identify carriers of compatible devices and share information between them. Additionally, the models must integrate the various data sources to generate insights in real time while alerting drivers to urgent issues.

Which Companies Lead the Way in Building Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Products in This Field?

The first automotive company to offer telematics technology to improve roadside and accident safety, OnStar still provides V2X tech. In fact, they not only work with personal vehicles, but also offer fleet management services.
Continental Automotive
With a suite of long-range telemetry devices, Continental Automotive distinguishes itself as the number one choice for industrial applications.
A subsidiary of Sony, Altair offers popular general IoT services. Consumers in many industries choose them because they can easily install their battery-powered devices in older vehicles.

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