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Remarketing Campaigns

What Are Remarketing Campaigns?

Remarketing campaigns show ads to people who have visited a business’s website or downloaded one of its apps. Remarketing identifies people who have shown interest in a company in order to prompt them to recall the business, increasing the odds of them converting.

Why Is It Important to Have a Good Remarketing Campaign Model?

Businesses should invest in a remarketing model because approximately 95-99% of visitors won’t make a purchase on their first site visit. However, a large amount of these have the intent of returning in the future to make a purchase. The best way to capitalize on the potential customers who have not yet converted is to create effective marketing campaigns. Companies that do not remarket effectively are losing business.

What Internal Data Should I Have for Good Remarketing Campaigns?

Remarketing models should be primarily based on customers’ past purchase history and behavioral data collected from their interactions with your website and social media accounts, cross-referenced with your company and product information. This should help personalize advertisement to each potential customer.

What External Data is Essential for a Good Remarketing Campaign Model?

External data that should be used to remarket effectively consists of models created to try and determine for each potential customer the ideal places for remarketing positioning, using cookies, web history, etc.

What External Data May Prove Useful for Remarketing Campaigns?

Surveys and questionnaires, along with studies, can show the effectiveness of remarketing in different ways and through different media channels (email, social media, etc.). These could then be taken into account in planning a remarketing model.

What Are the Main Challenges of This Use Case?

Firstly, high frequency and repetition in advertising has been shown to have negative effects, so limiting the number while diversifying the types of advertisements is both important and challenging. Marketers also face difficulties in remarketing at the right time while avoiding outdated or untested cookies. They also need customer segmentation to effectively remarket; this is more challenging than broad and mass remarketing.

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Tangible Examples of Impact

According to a recent survey conducted by RocketFuel, more than 60 percent of millennials saw value in brands using AI to deliver personalized offers.
Leading agencies such as JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi are already testing and using several AI driven processes.

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