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Marketing Localization Strategy

What is a Marketing Localization Model?

More than merely translation material into a target language, marketing localization consists of adapting your approach to the local culture. This includes website translation, currency conversion, and relationship building with local banks or distributors. Even product adaptation—making changes to the products you sell—can be part of a broader localization strategy.

Machine learning models are increasingly used to adapt material to local cultures. Translation, especially, lends itself to machine learning solutions.

Why Is It Important to Have a Marketing Localization Model?

In essence, localization is part of a company’s appeal to customers. Just as you would consider demographics or location data in your marketing campaign, cultural sensitivity and language should also inform your campaigns.

Additionally, with company expansions, it becomes more important (and difficult) to track customer feedback or social media. Translations integrated with internal data on transactions or competitor analysis can help businesses adapt and thrive in new markets.

What Internal Data Should I Have for a Good Marketing Localization Model?

To build a marketing localization model, companies must begin with transaction history, customer demographics, and customer feedback. While brands do sometimes appeal to different demographics when entering new markets, having a baseline understanding of what you offer and of your best customers can help you in moving forward.

What External Data Is Essential for a Good Model?

Essential external data for a marketing localization model includes language, competitor analysis, and market trends. Just as when you create a new product in your native market, these data sources inform your campaign strategies.

Then, once you have entered the new market, product and company reviews and social media data become very important.

What External Data May Prove Useful for a Good Model?

One very powerful strategy for entering a new market is establishing partnerships with local businesses. Banks, suppliers, and other B2B companies, in particular, come with expert knowledge and local connections that help you maintain your presence in the area. It would therefore be advisable to collect data on local businesses even if you do not currently have the ability to become partners with them.

What Are the Main Challenges of this Use Case?

While machine learning programs make collection and analysis of this marketing data very fast, the act of crafting localized marketing strategy still requires human input at some stage.Finding a local consultant can be difficult.

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Tangible Examples of Impact

“Indian audiences have a strong appetite for localized content as can be seen in the success of localized marketing of global content in the country,” Sushant Sreeram, director, marketing at Amazon Prime Video for India said.

“This unlocked audiences for our successful global shows by truly localizing entertainment, both in terms of language and the familiarity and appeal that Indian talent brings,” Sreeram added.

Mint: OTTs up their dubbing, localization game in India

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