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Brand Affiliation

What Is Brand Affiliation?

Brand affiliation measures people’s identification with a certain brand. More than recognizing a brand or liking their products, affiliation refers to a personal connection, where customers feel like the brand represents them.

Why Is It Important to Have a Good Brand Affiliation Model?

A good brand affiliation model does not just identify a population to market products. Rather, it identifies a population that will stay with the brand over the course of their lifetime. Additionally, these populations are more likely to provide feedback to the company when they are disappointed with a product or hopeful of seeing something new.

What Internal Data Should I Have for a Good Brand Affiliation Model?

Important internal data for a good model includes all records on existing customers. In other words, customer demographics, geographic location, the devices used to make purchases or visit your site. In addition, note how often customers visited your site before making a purchase and which sites they came from. This kind of information narrows down your target audience’s location and online behavior, allowing you to develop thorough customer profiles.

What External Data Is Essential for a Good Brand Affiliation Model?

In order to advertise to a population and then measure the success of your advertising campaign, you should collect geographic, census, and social media data. You will also need certain data specific to your industry: for example, a healthcare-related product needs healthcare industry data.

Finally, once you have identified your target audience and your competitors identified, you must determine the size of your target market and your competitors’ share of voice in the market. Essentially, without knowing the size of your audience, you cannot accurately determine your success in reaching them. And without knowing your share of voice, you can’t measure of your standing in the industry.

What External Data May Prove Useful for a Brand Affiliation Model?

Additional external data that may help your brand affiliation prospects includes any data category related to your industry. Weather data, for example, may impact sales of your fitness product.

What Are the Main Challenges of the Brand Affiliation Use Case?

Tracking your advertising campaign performance as well as your competitors’ performance is challenging on its own. However, the initial challenge of designating and tracking a target audience for your product is on a different level and basic machine learning programs may not be enough. In other words, you may need to use advanced machine learning programs like MRP to create thorough and accurate audience targets for your products.

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Tangible Examples of Impact

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained prominence as part of every company business strategy.
“Companies get together to make an impact in the community. You more often get into partnerships not because you want to spend less money as an individual organization, but because you want to do more.

For instance, if the Rotary Club is doing something for the Mengo Blood Bank and need UGX100m, they will be happier getting that and more, so that they can do a lot more – collect more blood, reach more people and spread the message. When we go into partnerships, we ask: how many people we shall impact and how many people’s lives have we improved?” he said.

Leveraging On Partnerships For Corporate Social Responsibility

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