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david81 David Jones|   Jan 25, 2021

Which transportation data providers do you recommend – or


I am being asked to analyze US transportation policy and current problems. Which transport data providers do you recommend – or – for this task?

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Connected Datasets

Wikiroutes Transit Data

by wikiroutes

Wikiroutes Transit Data provides public transport information—routes, stop points, and more—via crowd-sourcing. The data is constantly updated and can be easily converted and integrated into your own software system. 

Wikiroute’s Transit Data is used by individuals, private companies, and government agencies of all types and sizes.

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TomTom Traffic and Connected Services

by TomTom-logo

TomTom Traffic and connected services offers travel information and up-to-date traffic data.

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GovSpend Government database

by GovSpend

GovSpend’s patented software will allow users to see how the government market works, with these users can find ways they can save money, provide better services, or prepare for their next purchase based on the historical data.

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Inferess Supply Chain


Supply chain data has everything you need to know between companies, customers, suppliers, and how events may affect the performance of connected companies.

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INRIX Traffic

by Inrix

Traffic data gives a complete picture of what’s happening on the road.

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