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alex Alex Karpov|   Jan 24, 2021

Which companies provide the most comprehensive geocode data?

Do these companies generate their own geocodes or do they track them when they are generated elsewhere?

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Connected Datasets

Loqate Geo+

by Loqate datasets

Loqate Geo+ allows you to make faster and more accurate deliveries. It does this by aligning longitude and latitude with the combination of geocodes, UPRNs (Unique Property Reference Numbers), and UDPRNs (the Royal Mail’s 8-digit reference number). Every UK address will soon have a roof-top geocode.

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Loqate Address Capture

by Loqate datasets

Loqate Address Capture verifies addresses as soon as a business name, street name, or zipcode is typed—whether it was spelled correctly or not. The database has geolocation data on over 245 countries and partners with UK’s Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post, and the US Postal Service and is free for up to five addresses per IP per day. 

Address Capture also offers mobile customers the ability to search for an address through a tap on their phone screen.

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Loqate Bank Verification

by Loqate datasets

Loqate Bank Verification allows you to confirm a bank account’s details in order to process payments without worrying about failures due to address mistakes (and further fees or charges for reprocessing payments).

By entering the 6-digit sort codes and 8-digit bank account numbers, you will receive the bank identifier code, branch title, whether the bank accepts direct debit, and so on.

0 (0)   Reviews (0) Real Time Geocoding

by geocoder_logo

Real time geocoding is used for fleet management, cell phone tracking, Emergency 911 services, GPS tracking, route planning and more.

0 (0)   Reviews (0) Canadian crowdsourced postal codes geocoded Dataset

by geocoder_logo

Canadian crowdsourced postal codes geocoded Dataset contains over 850,000 postal codes and other information that may be needed by the customers.

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