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hannah Hannah|   Jan 25, 2021

What makes quantum computing unique?

I understand that quantum computing can process much faster than ordinary computers, but is that the only thing that makes it unique? I am sorry if this comes across as dismissive. I understand that this is based on quantum physics theories. But I don’t quite understand how quantum computing differs from a traditional computing in practice beyond incredible speed.

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Connected Datasets


by ibm-the-weather-company

IBM The Weather Company’s Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (IBM GRAF) provides real-time weather forecast data.

The Weather Company has partnered with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) organization to provide the latest and most accurate weather forecasts. Additionally, in parts of the world with less specialized weather-measuring equipment, IBM GRAF uses data from airplane sensors and smartphone users to cover these areas.

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The Climate Data Factory Computing Resources


The Climate Data Factory Computing Resources allows computation of resources to manipulate and process complex and large amount of climate data sets.

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