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mohamed-boros Mohamed Boros|   Feb 21, 2021

Sports and Game Theory

Which data providers offer the best game theory and analysis of traditional sports? 

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Connected Datasets

EEDAR GamePulse


EEDAR GamePulse provides up-to-date consumer information, especially acquisition habits. They also offer gaming & piracy research

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GameScorekeeper Match Scheduling and Resulting

by GameScorekeeper

GameScorekeeper Match Scheduling and Resulting allows businesses to automate these procedures, saving time and money while also ensuring extensive converge for matches.

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Goalserve Data API

by Goalserve

Goal serve data API platform offers sports data information like Live Score, Live Stats, Standings, Fixtures and more.

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Opta Sports Football

by opta-sports

Opta Sports Football provides live and historical data on the major football clubs/soccer teams, leagues, tournaments, and trophies all over the world. In addition, Opta Sports partners with stadia and official leagues and clubs to provide the highest quality data for fans and officials.

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Opta Sports Baseball

by opta-sports

Opta Sports provides granular, real-time data and analytics on a range of sports. This includes data on players, teams, managers, and on-field action. The Opta Sports Baseball data set collects baseball-specific stats like homeruns and strike-outs

Further, while their data feeds, widgets, and other services suffice for most users, Opta also offers help from experts to help craft bespoke data solutions.

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