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isaac-smith Isaac Smith|   Feb 23, 2021

Space Mining Data

How would I go about calculating the time it would take to mine some mineral (any mineral) off an asteroid or comet? I can do the math to calculate how far away an asteroid or comet is from earth and therefore how fast a spacecraft would need to be travelling to reach it…but this kind of math is pretty intensive for me and I don’t know much of anything about spacecraft. Is there a specific company or resource that calculates this kind of information?

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CACI Space Operations and Resiliency

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CACI has over fifteen years of experience in protecting space missions and related infrastructure. Their Space Operations and Resiliency program does real-time data collection of launch systems, satellite constellations, foreign signals, and more. Combined with deep learning algorithms, data fusion, and data visualization, space missions can be defended from both human error and malice. 

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Enverus Minerals


The Mineral platform by Everus can be used by companies in the mineral industry to optimize operations and maximize revenue return while capturing missed revenue.

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Airborne Launch Assist Space Access Program


Alasa is a terminated program, it is designed to create a carrying rocket into low Earch orbit.

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Ball Aerospace Data Services

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Ball Aerospace Data Services uses cloud technologies and open architecture to turn remote data into accurate and actionable insights.

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Capella Space Capella’s SAR satellite

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Capella’s SAR satellite provides Earth observation data that enables professionals understand changes, weather, and other information to make informed decisions.

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