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sharayah Sharayah Krishna|   Mar 07, 2021

Similar programs to Asiakasieto’s Kreditkollen?

I really like the idea of a personal credit tracker and educational app, like Kreditkollen. Are there many other similar programs? What makes them unique or successful?

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Connected Datasets

7Park Data Financial Services

by 7Park_Data

7Park Data Financial Services makes use of 7Park Data’s portfolio database, reports, and analyses.

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Asiakastieto ID Protection (UC ID-Skydd)

by Asiakastieto Group

Asiakastieto ID Protection (UC ID-Skydd) is an ID protection service for customers in Sweden.

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Asiakastieto Personal Finance (Kreditkollen)

by Asiakastieto Group

Asiakastieto Personal Finance (Kreditkollen), is an educational financial program that caters to young Finns. Kreditkollen educates young adults primarily through their proprietary UC-score, a measure very similar to a personal credit score.

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