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nina-alonso Nina Alonso|   Feb 25, 2021

Scraping Product Reviews for Actionable Data

What is the minimum or average number of reviews you consider necessary to draw any conclusions from the dataset? How many major review websites do you use? Do you consider the genre of product an important question (for example, genre of fiction books)?

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PipeCandy Product Trends for Retailers

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PipeCandy Product Trends for Retailers collects web data, including consignment and social data to identify upcoming product fads or longer trends. PipeCandy also allows you to filter these trends and fads by region.

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G2 Business Software and Services Reviews

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Business Software and Services Reviews by G2 provide businesses with authentic and timely reviews about software and services to help them make informed technology decisions.

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Trustpilot Review Platform allows consumers to compare companies, rate and also write a review.

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Wunderman Data Products iBehavior

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iBehavior provides a database designed around capturing SKU-level transaction data to provide useful insights to their clients.

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AND Products Mapping Intelligence


AND Products Mapping Intelligence helps users better understand the structure, local requirements and topology.

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