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alphonsine-crosaco Alphonsine Crosaco|   Apr 05, 2021

Science vs Politics

I don’t envy the governors of any US state right now trying to deal with Coronavirus. It must be incredibly difficult to balance the need to keep numbers of infections/hospitalizations down while not forcing the entire population into an economic tailspin that also leads to loss of quality of life, or loss of life in general. But are there many states you see that push politics over science? I’ve read that Florida’s Republican governor is putting people’s lives at risk by keeping the state open and not enforcing a mask mandate. I’ve read that New York’s Democratic governor is putting people’s lives at risk by keeping infected patients in nursing homes to infect the elderly and forcing unnecessary lockdowns, ruining people’s ability to keep their families fed. Are you seeing politicians falsifying data as claimed or are you seeing governors earnestly trying to keep on top of a pandemic?

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