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cora-coiffure Cora |   Apr 03, 2021

Retail AR

We’re considering offering an online retail AR experience but we don’t have a lot of resources—which provider/platform would be best?

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Edge by Ascential – Retail Insight

by edge-by-ascential

Included as part of a software service, Edge by Ascential’s Retail Insight tracks retail data on thousands of retailers in nearly 200 markets to help you analyze your competition, measure your customers’ engagement, track market trends, and predict product performance. 

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PipeCandy Product Trends for Retailers

by pipecandy

PipeCandy Product Trends for Retailers collects web data, including consignment and social data to identify upcoming product fads or longer trends. PipeCandy also allows you to filter these trends and fads by region.

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The NPD Group Retail Tracking


The NPD Group Retail Tracking is a service that tracks the point-of-sale from over 1,300 e-commerce and retailers

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by logo Ecommerce and Retail helps its clients in the retail and ecommerce sector to enhance online presence and market value.

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Geospatial Insight Retail Watch

by Geospatial_Insight_logo

RetailWatch supports analysis of consumer traffic and stock price prediction at major European outlets.

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