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john-c-huang John Huang|   Feb 28, 2021

Remote Employee Monitoring Tools

Which remote employee monitoring tools have you found most useful?

We’re coming out of lockdowns and looking to expand a bit but still have to have people work from home most days. With new employees, especially, monitoring their progress (and whether they’re working at all) has been a problem.

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Trakstar Employee Engagement Software

by trakstar

Trakstar Employee Engagement Software allows HR and management to make sure their employees are engaged in work and feel like they have a place in the company. The software service allows companies to create surveys and perform employee check-ins.

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EngageIQ Engagement Scoring

by EngageIQ

Engagement Scoring by Engage IQ provides AI intelligence driven insights to allow sales agents to contact the right people at the right time.

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Geomni Remote sensing and machine learning data analytics

by geomni_logo

Geomni provides the most efficient platforms that serve a variety of industries including P&C insurance, construction, engineering firms, government, urban planning, utilities, and more.

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6Sense Account Engagement Platform


6Sense Account Engagement Platform uses an embedded CDP for the collection and analyzation of data to achieve an effective account engagement with the right account and buyers.

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Adapt Engage


Adapt Engage provides automation on email, phone call, SMS and social media.

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