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godfrey Godfrey Craig|   Jan 28, 2021

Property value forecasting data providers?

Property value forecasting data providers?

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CoreLogic Property Data

by corelogic logo

CoreLogic Property Data database covers 99% of the US population and over 147 million properties. CoreLogic provides property characteristic, tax payment history, sales history, flood hazard, property photos, geocoded tax and hazard data, and much more.

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Doorda Property

by Doorda-logo

Property data provided by Doorda can be used by businesses to better understand both residential and commercial locations across the UK.

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TwentyCi Property Insight

by twentyci-logo

TwentyCi Property Insight provides every data and insights on the property.

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Idealista/data Property Appraisal

by Idealista/data

idealista/data’s property appraisal serves a valuation for both the buyer and seller of the property being valued.

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Intelius People And Property Search


Intelius People And Property Search provides full name, phone number, residence, genealogical, and other data on individuals

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