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maria-cruz Maria Cruz|   Jan 31, 2021

Podcast data

I’m interested in data on podcast listeners across streaming platforms and languages. What are the demographics of listeners? Which are the most popular podcasts in their native languages? What percentage of their language speakers listen to them?

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Datastream onedb

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Datastream onedb is an incorporation of Datastream Group’s top databases into one with over one billion datasets. The onedb database can show geographic, psychographic, demographic, interest, and much more data.

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Lotame Data Stream

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Lotame Data Stream, part of Lotame’s Connect package, provides billions of continuously-updated raw customer profile data. With this data, you can advertise personalized products, services, and messages. You can also improve your fraud detection and risk management programs. Lotame’s Data Stream likely integrates with your existing CRM software

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DataSift’s STREAM provides human data for businesses to inform product and marketing strategies.

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TiVo Stream 4K

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TiVo Stream 4K offers users to experience both streaming apps and live TV, recommendations, 4K UHD, Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos, Google Assistant, Chromecast, and voice remote control.

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