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shawna-byrne Shawna Byrne|   Apr 04, 2021

NLP + Crowdfunding Success

Are there any datasets/sources that examine the language used in crowdfunding requests that correlate with success?

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Kantar Media Social Engagement

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Kantar Media’s Social Engagement dataset provides social media engagement data, allowing companies to determine their brand’s popularity and reputation. This dataset also measures press coverage volume and allows users to filter results by emotion. 

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Stirista SocialORE

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TheySay Social Media


TheySay Social Media identifies customers through the use of social media platforms and sends a brand message.

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Vserv Social Marketing

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Vserv Social Marketing helps in making effective marketing campaigns .

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Global Database Funding Database


Funding Database provide daily updates on the latest open opportunities real-time on new tenders, grants, awards continuously.

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