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manuel-cruzes Manuel Cruzes|   Feb 11, 2021

Marketing Campaign and Mobile Data

Is there a good service you would recommend that can help with planning, implementing, and evaluating mobile ad campaign data?

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Adsquare Post-Campaign Footfall Measurement

by adsquare logo

Adsquare’s Post-Campaign Footfall Measurement quantifies ad campaign effectiveness by measuring ad views and store visits. This dataset analysis also measures the effectiveness of an ad campaign on certain audience segments and on competitors. Finally, it provides recommendations for future campaigns.

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Schober – Your Campaign

by schober data

Schober’s Your Campaign offers its Touchpoint email and mobile phone data with data display and customer analytics integrations so you can optimize your marketing campaigns, whether B2B or B2C. Schober has a database of 40 million email addresses and links your CRM data to your customers’ mobile devices so you can be sure to reach them—and track how they reached your homepage.

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Dynata Campaign Effectiveness & Optimization

by dynata

Campaign Effectiveness & Optimization Solutions by Dynata provides businesses with insight to measure validate and optimize audiences.

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FMCG Direct Consumer Direct Mail Campaigns

by FMCG Direct

Consumer Direct Mail Campaigns by FMCG Direct allow businesses to target and growth their consumer franchises.

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IQM Corporation Campaign Set Up

IQM Corporation Campaign Set Up manages proprietary data sets that help clients reach the right voters with the right message across devices

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