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yesica-m Yesica M.|   Feb 02, 2021

Lead Generation Software with a Growing Presence in the Market

Do the fastest-growing lead gen services merit the hype? What’s behind their growth?

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PipeCandy eCommerce Leads & Insights for Fulfillment

by pipecandy

PipeCandy eCommerce Leads & Insights for Fulfillment tracks company data and company shipping details: shipping volume, which companies they use to ship products, whether they ship internationally or not, and so on. You can find company leads easily with this dataset with filter capabilities. 

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Krill Technologies – Lead Generation Engine

by krill technologies logo

Krill Technologies Lead Generation Engine uses phones, emails, and other means to perform lead scoring for companies all over the world.

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DealSignal Lead Enrichment


DealSignal’s Lead Enrichment optimizes inbound leads for businesses to help with routing, accelerate sales follow-ups, and maximize conversion rates.

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DemandFluence Intent Based Lead Generation


Intent Based Lead Generation provided by DemandFluence provides companies insight into their target audience and create high value prospects and decision makers.

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Domex Sales Leads


Sales Leads by Domex is a platform that shares industrial and economic projects along with business news for strategic planning.

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