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ogden-m Ogden M.|   Feb 03, 2021

KPI management

Is there a small program that can integrate with most CRMs or workstations that measures monthly KPIs for employees?

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CACI Talent Management

by caci-logo

CACI’s Talent Management dataset and toolkit is part of their Human Capital Management suite. Talent Management focuses on recruiting, hiring, and developing employees careers. It deals in company and employee data to market to potential employees and keep them engaged once they are hired. 

The Talent Management program conducts market research and does social media advertising and content marketing for businesses. It also anticipates workforce needs so that companies can be prepared for changing circumstances.

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Demotech Enterprise Risk Management


Demotech Enterprise Risk Management optimizes risk management solutions with a pragramatic approach to quality financial data

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DTB Logistics Management Information

by dtb logo

DTB Logistics Management Information creates data frameworks for businesses to develop best-bit, cost-effective frameworks to fit their needs

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Dun & Bradstreet DNBi Risk Management

by Dun & Bradstreet

DNBi Risk Management by Dun & Bradstreet is a scalable credit decisioning system that improves onboarding efficiency and monitors risks.

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Infolegale Data Management


Data Management solution allows managers or supervisors to access data on a daily basis on different department like finance, marketing and sales.

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