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mia-sakka Mia Sakka|   Feb 08, 2021

Interaction between financial services and geopolitics

Which resources do you use to determine financial risk in the geopolitical sphere?

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Connected Datasets

Stirista Political Data

by stirista

Stirista offers data that politicians and advisors can use to reach out to constituents and donors. Stirista has (so far) 150 million registered voter details sorted into 360 data points, including donation history. With this contact, demographic, web, and behavioral information, Stirista Political Data enables targeted advertising and outreach.

Stirista can also provide historical campaign data at all levels to help politicians plan effective political strategies.

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Geoblink Data Sources

by geoblink

Geoblink Data Sources uses a geolocated data modules to identify if a certain area is residential, touristic or commercial.

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Geocartography Knowledge Group Feasibility & Market Potential Analysis

by Geocartography_Knowledge_Group

Geocartography Knowledge Group Feasibility & Market Potential Analysis supports major business strategies, from fundraising to marketing

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GeoIQ Data APIs

by geoIQ

Data APIs is used to make powerful decisions on location data through GeoIQs platform.

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GeoQuant Data Science

by geoquant_logo

GeoQuant Data Science provides real-time assessments of governance, social and security conditions, drawn from credible data & media sources

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