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cricu-nicholas Nicholas Cricu|   Feb 23, 2021

Identity Validation or Confirmation for Users that Don’t Allow Cookies or Ads

How do you improve an identity validation for ecommerce when a good proportion of your customer base uses browsers that don’t allow cookies, uses VPNs, etc.?

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TowerData Identity Matching


Through the use of TowerData Identity Matching, TowerData can build a portfolio of clients.

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Trulioo GlobalGateway Identity Verification


Trulioo GlobalGateway Identity Verification is where it’s clients can request to verify a person’s identity.

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GBG Identity Verification

by GBG_Group_logo

GBG Identity Verification is used to check if an individual is who they say they are to ensure that the business is always protected.

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Infutor Data Solutions Identity Resolution

by infutor_data_management

Infutor’s Identity Resolution through TrueSource™ collects consumer data to complete the whole picture of consumers.

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Big Data Exchange Identity Resolution


Big Data Exchange Identity Resolution allows businesses to create or enhance their own identity graph.

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