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alex Alex Karpov|   Apr 05, 2021

Identity Matching and Identity Verification

Is the process of identity matching and identity verification very dissimilar? Or can one algorithm by used for the other purpose?

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Connected Datasets

Emailage Digital Identity Score


Emailage Digital Identity Score provides both traditional identifying information like customer names and addresses with newer information like IP address, email address, and geolocation data to better identify and prevent fraud. The Digital Identify Score is updated weekly, has worldwide coverage, and runs on machine learning algorithms that collect your feedback in order to continually improve its model.

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Kochava Collective IdentityLink

by kochava collective

Kochava Collective IdentityLink gathers cross-device consumer engagement data. Kochava Collective can also add geospatial, demographic, and other data to make the portrait of your consumers even richer.

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LiveRamp Identity Graph

by liveramp logo

LiveRamp Identity Graph uses over 600 million authentication events per month on millions of consumers all over the world to create detailed customer profiles for marketing teams. The data follows consumers across devices and integrates with LiveRamp’s software products. 

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TowerData Identity Matching


Through the use of TowerData Identity Matching, TowerData can build a portfolio of clients.

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Trulioo GlobalGateway Identity Verification


Trulioo GlobalGateway Identity Verification is where it’s clients can request to verify a person’s identity.

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