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mckayla-webber McKayla Webber|   Feb 03, 2021

Hydrogen Fuel Data Worldwide

Where can I find a data provider that has market and manufacturing data on hydrogen fuel?

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Arabesque S-Ray

by 4Orange

The Arabesque Groups focuses on providing investors, corporations, media companies, and the public with transparent environmental and UN Global Compact adherence data through the Arabesque S-Ray. 

The Arabesque S-Ray measures companies on three main scores and even offers a Preference Filter, where you can exclude certain industries from evaluation. The S-Ray scores are the UNGC Score, the ESG Score, and the Temperature Score. 

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Enerdata Energy Research & Data

by enerdata logo

Enerdata Energy Research & Data supplies 24/7 access to comprehensive global energy information services to businesses, economists, & others

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TP ICAP Energy & Commodities


TP ICAP Energy & Commodities has 3 independent brokerage brands namely Tullett Prebon, PVM and ICAP.

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Tradition Energy & Commodities


Tradition Energy & Commodities offers wholesale of energy products that can be traded both over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange-traded execution.

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Tullett Prebon tpENERGYTRADE


tpENERGYTRADE is an electronic energy trading platform with the use of an API

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