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cora-coiffure Cora |   Apr 06, 2021

How young is too young to start learning DS?

I have a young nephew who is interested in the subject and while I want to encourage him to learn anything, data science might be a bit too difficult. If not, are there any child-friendly resources the community knows about?

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YData Data Scientists


YData Data Scientists enables faster access to sensitive data.

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GeoQuant Data Science

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GeoQuant Data Science provides real-time assessments of governance, social and security conditions, drawn from credible data & media sources

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i360 Data Science

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Data Science has AI/Machine Learning that enables users to anticipate market trends, events and opportunities rather than using reporting to discover inefficiencies or failures after they happen.

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Intexfy Courses and Training

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Courses and Training is an online service offered by Intexfy to provide proper guidance to the concerned employees in the specific field.

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Alqami Education Courses

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Alqami Education Courses provides courses to educate users on how to use Alqami data.

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