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hester-van-duyvendijk Hester van Duyvendijk|   Apr 01, 2021

How to Improve Data Management in Patient-Facing Healthcare Settings


Within a clinical setting, we rely on patients to provide a great deal of data, (specifically, 24/7 blood sugar monitoring from one appointment to the next). However, even when patients use wearable devices to monitor their levels, we still have to download data from their devices. Frankly, this takes too long and uses too much resources in our system. What are the best solutions for this situation? Ideally, we could move to an entirely cloud-based system where patients permit their devices to upload data in real-time. However, not all our patients can do so.

We have begun requesting patients upload their data the day before their appointments, sending reminders via SMS, but this has had limited effect. Perhaps we just need to wait for this to take effect. What would you recommend for us to improve our data management practices?

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