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maria-cruz Maria Cruz|   Apr 06, 2021

How do you evaluate the quality of a log management and monitoring program?

How do you evaluate the quality of a log management and monitoring program?

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CACI Talent Management

by caci-logo

CACI’s Talent Management dataset and toolkit is part of their Human Capital Management suite. Talent Management focuses on recruiting, hiring, and developing employees careers. It deals in company and employee data to market to potential employees and keep them engaged once they are hired. 

The Talent Management program conducts market research and does social media advertising and content marketing for businesses. It also anticipates workforce needs so that companies can be prepared for changing circumstances.

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Trakstar Employee Engagement Software

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Trakstar Employee Engagement Software allows HR and management to make sure their employees are engaged in work and feel like they have a place in the company. The software service allows companies to create surveys and perform employee check-ins.

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Alphamatician Datasets in Hiring & Employment

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Alphamatician Hiring & Employment Datasets monitors hiring activity of companies.

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APIVoid ThreatLog API

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APIVoid ThreatLog API enables querying of malicious websites in real-time.

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Autoklose Contact Management


Autoklose Contact Management effectively manages all contacts in one place.

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