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hester-van-duyvendijk Hester van Duyvendijk|   Feb 11, 2021

Hedge Fund Portfolio Analytics

Hi. Is there a resource that can analyze and offer maybe some consultation for improving hedge fund portfolios?

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PipeCandy Alternative Data for Hedge Funds

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PipeCandy Alternative Data for Hedge Funds leverages their excellent e-commerce and marketing data to help guide hedge fund growth.

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DTN Financial Analytics

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DTN Financial Analytics provides the latest and best information for traders to enhance their analysis and support faster trades.

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Earnest Financial Services


Earnest Financial Services creates actionable insights for investors to track position-sizing, performance and prioritization

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EuroRating Financial Analyses

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EuroRating Financial Analyses can help clients address a wide array of financial, economic and strategic problems.

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Hanweck Portfolio & Margin Analytics

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Hanweck Portfolio & Margin Analytics offers real-time financial management data and services, including risk management

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