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moshe-stein Moshe Stein|   Feb 16, 2021

General BI Consultation Services

Do you have any recommendations for or reviews on general business intelligence consultation services? Specifically I’d like to have information on company infrastructure, cybersecurity, and data management.

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Connected Datasets

AnalyticsIQ BusinessCore Database

by AnalyticsIQ

AnalyticsIQ’s BusinessCore Database provides B2B marketing data on 18 millions businesses and 60 million business professionals. 

The BusinessCore Database collects company data and people data. The company data includes contact information, purchase drivers (price, for example), and transaction history. The people data includes personnel contact data, role in the company, and purchase transaction history. 

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ESRI ArcGIS Business Analyst


ArcGIS Business Analyst by Esri is one of the many offerings of their ArcGIS platform. This specific area focuses on providing location-based market intelligence for businesses to aid in smarter decisions making.

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FCR Media Business Listings

by FCR Media

Business Listings by FCR Media provides print and online listings that allow businesses to be found by customers.

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Zipcar for Business


Zipcar for Business provides booking of zipcars instantly for meetings and other business needs.

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Accutrend Data New Business Data


Accutrend Data New Business Data provides data on all new business registrations acquired from a city, country and state-level government sources.

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