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tarek-hammed Tarek Hammed|   Feb 17, 2021

Free commerce datasets

Are there any free or open-source datasets or databases that can help increase an online company’s ROI? I’d especially like online behavior data but anything else that would help would be much appreciated

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DueDil Drive your Growth


Drive Your Growth by DueDil provides solutions that allow businesses to turn their CRM into a strategic asset, empower their team, automate leads and turn their visions into reality.

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Growth Intelligence The Growth Intelligence Platform


The growth intelligence platform helps client to find the right target through a scientific approach.

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Wunderman Data Products iBehavior

by Wunderman-Data-Products-logo

iBehavior provides a database designed around capturing SKU-level transaction data to provide useful insights to their clients.

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BIGDBM Behavioral Insights & Analytics

by BIGDBM-logo

BIGDBM Behavioral Insights & Analytics provides wide variety of consumer insights through its world’s largest consumer database.

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