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ursula-kim Ursula Kim|   Feb 18, 2021

Food Industry Supply Chain Data and Data Management

Which data provider or data vendor provides the best data on the food industry supply chain distribution hubs? Specifically, I’m interested in hub location, traffic volume, volume of goods housed and moved per day.

I’m also interested in a data management platform that can help track all this kind of data in real time. Do you have any recommendations?

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Connected Datasets


by FooDB

FooDB’s dataset provides information about food for users to better understand their composition, macronutrients and micronutrients. Their database contains almost 800 foods and is a free resource to the public.

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Gastronomy Databases DB

by gastronomy-databases

Gastronomy Databases offers restaurant data for establishments all over the world. With more than fifteen years of experience in gastronomy, their data sets can be filtered by over 100 criteria.

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Inferess Supply Chain


Supply chain data has everything you need to know between companies, customers, suppliers, and how events may affect the performance of connected companies.

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IQ Banker Global Supply Chain Analytics

by IQ_Banker

IQ Banker Global Supply Chain Analytics helps clients analyze the global economy through expertly-curated supply chain data

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Ito World Ito Transit Hub


Ito World Ito Transit Hub delivers real-time transit schedules, passenger data, and more. Quality algorithms also deliver accurate predictions

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