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fraud-hunter-celeste Celeste Hwang|   Jan 13, 2021

European Product Adaptation

What is the best resource for product adaptation strategies for a US company looking to break into the European market? Specifically northern European but anywhere in the EU would be fine for our purposes

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Krill Technologies – Europe & North America Database

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Krill Technologies’ Europe & North America Database is a collection of two million European and two and a half million North American industry and employment data. The information is intended for use by marketers focusing on specific countries or regions within countries.

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EU Open Data Portal Datasets


Datasets provided by the EU Open Data Portal is free, covers a wide range of topics, and is available for anyone to use.

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EuroGeographics EuroGeographics Membership

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Membership services provided by EuroGeographic provides users with access to authoritative geospatial data from European Authorities.

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Euromonitor International Passport


Passport by Euromonitor International provides businesses with data and insight into industries, economies and consumers for market analysis and identifying future trends.

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Euromonitor International Via


Euromonitor International Via helps businesses refine their prices, promotions and ecommerce strategies with global ecommerce data

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