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prince-arthur Arthur Moreau|   Feb 01, 2021

E-Commerce Product Trends by Country and Season

I’m interested in a data provider (or reliable and continuously updated open-source database) going over seasonal e-commerce product trends per country of buyer.

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PipeCandy Product Trends for Retailers

by pipecandy

PipeCandy Product Trends for Retailers collects web data, including consignment and social data to identify upcoming product fads or longer trends. PipeCandy also allows you to filter these trends and fads by region.

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DTB Product Support Analysis (PSA)

by dtb logo

Product Support Analysis by DTB is used to manage programs and further product availability optimization, which minimizes cost and accompanying logistics footprint.

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Enverus Exploration & Production


Prism platform by Everus provides insight into Exploration and Production data needed by customers to maximize production and ROI.

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Geotab Product


The geotab provides the customer the power of insight from a global sensor network of vehicles that empower the organization with rich data analysis.

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Wunderman Data Products iBehavior

by Wunderman-Data-Products-logo

iBehavior provides a database designed around capturing SKU-level transaction data to provide useful insights to their clients.

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