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fraud-hunter-celeste Celeste Hwang|   Jan 24, 2021

Does anyone use Emailage?

Does anyone use Emailage? How have they been?

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Emailage Digital Identity Score


Emailage Digital Identity Score provides both traditional identifying information like customer names and addresses with newer information like IP address, email address, and geolocation data to better identify and prevent fraud. The Digital Identify Score is updated weekly, has worldwide coverage, and runs on machine learning algorithms that collect your feedback in order to continually improve its model.

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Emailage Email Risk Score


Emailage Email Risk Score enables you to identify potential fraud with 40 million+ email addresses cross-referenced with IP addresses, billing addresses, domain names, mobile phones, and customer names.

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Emailage Rapid Risk Score


Emailage Rapid Risk Score can check customer transaction data against the Emailage fraud database within milliseconds—and can handle up to 400 transactions per second.

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