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godfrey Godfrey Craig|   Mar 04, 2021

Document Search via Keyword

To research economic markets or medical literature, it would be helpful to have a keyword-based search function to pull up documents and then analyze the contents. Do you use a resource like this?

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Connected Datasets

INTERConnect Analytics MarketNLP


INTERConnect Analytics MarketNLP applies proprietary AI to unstructured financial market text in order to deliver expert analysis

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AlphaSense Search Engine for Financial Firms

by AlphaSense

AlphaSense Search Engine for Financial Firms saves time and risk by embracing AI. Their engine also offers a number of other features, like advanced sentiment analysis, relevance ranking, blackline comparison, and trend graphs.

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AppTweak Search Ads Intelligence


AppTweak Search Ads Intelligence enables users to spy on competitors keywords & ad strategies and uncovers keywords that Google is placing on ads.

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B2B Data Services Search Engine Marketing

by B2B Data Services

B2B Data Services Search Engine Marketing provides various SEM marketing services to provide its clients with appealing websites and build social media networks for marketing communication and branding target.

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