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dan_tuttle Daniel Tuttle|   Mar 11, 2021

Digital content management

I’d like one resource to distribute content on social media, news, blogs, etc. etc. What are the best resources for me? Is it better to have some kind of singular source for the content itself and maybe for a content calendar but then to handle posting on a certain schedule myself?

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Kantar Media Social Engagement

by Kantar Media Logo

Kantar Media’s Social Engagement dataset provides social media engagement data, allowing companies to determine their brand’s popularity and reputation. This dataset also measures press coverage volume and allows users to filter results by emotion. 

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TheySay Social Media


TheySay Social Media identifies customers through the use of social media platforms and sends a brand message.

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IQ Digital Social Media


Social media advertising targets social media users building and executing campaigns.

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Alphamatician Datasets in Social Media

by alphamatician-logo

Alphamatician Social Media Datasets gives access to track social media statistics.

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AmeriumData SMO (Social Media Optimization)


Amerium Data provides Social Media Optimization services on all social media platforms to increase brand awareness and popularity.

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