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archibald-daborn Archibald Daborn|   Apr 01, 2021

Database for Growing Company?

Which is the best database for a company looking for a long-term solution and hoping to move from a medium-sized company to a small one?

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Connected Datasets

Oracle Datalogix Database

by oracle datalogix

Also called Oracle DLX, Oracle Datalogix Database provides consumer behavior, transaction history, geospatial, demographic, intent, and consumer lifestyle data for marketers to reach both new and former customers. Datalogix collects this data from over 115 million households and over 10 billion transactions in the auto, CPG, and retail industries.

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Schober – Your Database

by schober data

Schober – Your Database maintains accurate German B2C and B2B data for marketing purposes, validating contact information for businesses, freelancers, and customers. Schober then enriches the data with customer attributes and provides analysis through its proprietary Analysis TargetBase and Business TargetBase.

Analysis TargetBase tracks nearly 60 million private German addresses against behavioral and demographic data as well as other customer data. These include Schober individual household evaluations and German lifestyle market analysis and consumer surveys.

Business TargetBase tracks up to 4.5 million German companies and their company data, including financial numbers. Their company data also includes individual contact details, affinity, media use, and so on.

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AnalyticsIQ BusinessCore Database

by AnalyticsIQ

AnalyticsIQ’s BusinessCore Database provides B2B marketing data on 18 millions businesses and 60 million business professionals. 

The BusinessCore Database collects company data and people data. The company data includes contact information, purchase drivers (price, for example), and transaction history. The people data includes personnel contact data, role in the company, and purchase transaction history. 

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Bombora Company Surge

by bombora-logo

Bombora’s Company Surge collects data on which topics businesses research and how seriously they are interested in making a purchase. The Company Surge dataset rates company interest on a scale of 0 to 100, allowing you to market to companies before they even reach your website.

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CoreLogic Mortgage Database

by corelogic logo

CoreLogic Mortgage Database enables mortgage companies to stay competitive by mitigating their risk, monitoring their portfolios, and reducing their time spent on underwriting, issuing securities, and so on. CoreLogic’s Mortgage data includes mortgage applications and histories, records of loans received, servicing and payments schedules, and foreclosures.

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