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mhd-ibrahim Mhd Ibrahim|   Mar 31, 2021

Data Sets for Home Remodelers?

I understand that there are construction industry-specific data providers and data sets, but for small companies focused on remodeling and redesign, or for individual home owners/renters, is there data on remodeling companies or remodeling trends?

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Home by Vendigi

by Vendigi

Home by Vendigi provides audience data for all things home buyers, remodelers, and sellers. Their data comes from first-party sources like top multiple listing systems (MLSs) major brokers like RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, and Sotheby’s.

Users of Vendigi’s Home data range from home and garden retailers to insurance institutions to telecom companies.

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Dodge Data & Analytics Dodge Construction Central

by Dodge-Data-&-Analytics

Dodge Construction Central by Dodge Data Analytics can be used by businesses to streamline the research, planning and bidding of jobs.

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Vendigi Vendeje

by Vendigi

Vendigi Vendeje introduces a variety of digital audience in order to reach and engage with consumers.

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Idealista/data Real Estate Investment Analysis

by Idealista/data

Idealista/data Real Estate Investment Analysis carries out a detailed listing analyses, comparing listed price with the estimated market price

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7Park Data Commercial Real Estate

by 7Park_Data

7Park Data Commercial Real Estate provides CRE better insights and accurate forecasts.

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