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lloyd-adams-ball Lloyd Adams-Ball|   Feb 17, 2021

Data services for political campaigns

Which data services providers are best for managing political campaigns?

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Stirista Political Data

by stirista

Stirista offers data that politicians and advisors can use to reach out to constituents and donors. Stirista has (so far) 150 million registered voter details sorted into 360 data points, including donation history. With this contact, demographic, web, and behavioral information, Stirista Political Data enables targeted advertising and outreach.

Stirista can also provide historical campaign data at all levels to help politicians plan effective political strategies.

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Geoblink 360

by geoblink

Geoblink 360 assist clients on optimizing their sales by providing analysis on consumer behavior depending on your location.

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i360 Data Science

by i360

Data Science has AI/Machine Learning that enables users to anticipate market trends, events and opportunities rather than using reporting to discover inefficiencies or failures after they happen.

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Civic Science Segment360

by Civic science is a gathering data provider from the US, it provides research data to decision makers.

Civic Science Segment360 delivers opinions from real people—not just paid survey takers. The results can capture upcoming trends

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