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george-c George Cookson|   Feb 04, 2021

Data Providers Tracking Consumer Interest via Phones?

Which data providers offer the best mobile usage and interest data?

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Connected Datasets

Datastream Mobile Data

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Datastream Mobile Data tracks mobile phone locations. They cross-reference their information with email data so companies can easily find their exact target audience.

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Mobilewalla Audience Segments

by mobilewalla

Mobilewalla Audience Segments collects mobile, demographic, and geospatial app usage data to create audience segments for social media and other digital marketing campaigns. Mobilewalla’s Audience Segments include Real Estate, Food & Drink, Education, Health & Fitness, Retail, Sports, and Entertainment segments.

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Quadrant – Custom Mobile Location Data

by quadrant logo

Quadrant – Custom Mobile Location Data offers clients a custom selection of relevant Quadrant mobile location. Clients choose which mobile data attributes out of Quadrant’s 500+ million accessible mobile devices worldwide.

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Fluent Mobile User Acquisition

by Fluent_logo

Fluent Mobile User Acquisition allows businesses to have more successful campaigns and more engagement through mobile app users.

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Wego Mobile


Wego Mobile allows travellers to search on flights, hotels and travel promo.

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