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dan_tuttle Daniel Tuttle|   Mar 07, 2021

Data Privacy and Protection Management

Where can I find information on trends in data privacy and protection management? I’m asking about both software and security posture.

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Connected Datasets

Lotame Private Data Exchange

by lotame logo

Lotame Private Data Exchange connects businesses with quality audience segment data vendors. Also called Lotame PDX, this service is part of the Lotame Data Exchange. It measures audience data from anywhere in the world and offers regional and vertical filters.

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EcoSteer Data Privacy and Ownership (Data Ownership Platform)

by ecosteer

The Data Ownership platform by EcoSteer provides data owners total control of their data, including who can access it when.

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Beleader Private Databases B2C

by Beleader

Beleader Private Databases B2C generates profiles to help advertisers create more customer related advertising.

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