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george-c George Cookson|   Apr 03, 2021

Data on prices and payment options of databases?

I don’t like contacting people to ask for quotes. Is there a database with prices and payment options (as in, usage-based, one-time purchase, yearly subscription) to data provider services?

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AnalyticsIQ BusinessCore Database

by AnalyticsIQ

AnalyticsIQ’s BusinessCore Database provides B2B marketing data on 18 millions businesses and 60 million business professionals. 

The BusinessCore Database collects company data and people data. The company data includes contact information, purchase drivers (price, for example), and transaction history. The people data includes personnel contact data, role in the company, and purchase transaction history. 

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eSalesClub GEO Targeted Mailing Databases

by eSalesClub

Geo Targeted Mailing Databases by eSalesClub provides contact and company data for businesses to grow connections and sales with other companies all around the world.

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i360 The Database

by i360

i360 The Database comprises of 1800 unique data points on over 270 million consumer and 199 million US voters

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2GIS Database


2GIS Database provides reliable and accurate data needed to deliver solutions to businesses.

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Acxiom Marketing Database Solutions

by Acxiom Data vendor review

Acxiom Marketing Database Solutions creates valuable brand experiences by engaging people across channels.

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