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mckayla-webber McKayla Webber|   Feb 28, 2021

Data Management Programs

Which programs do you use to improve or even fully automate your data integration, tagging, and cleansing processes?

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Tidetech Marine Data Integration

by Tidetech-Marine-Data

Tidetech Integration allows users to access their data easily through the integration of data to the user’s application or IOT solution.

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Virtual DBS Customer Data Integration


Virtual DBS Customer Data Integration creates and maintains customer data through various marketing channels and product lines

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Graydon API – Data Integration

by Graydon

Graydon API – Data Integration assist clients to make accurate and realistic assessments about credit risk.

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Infolegale Data Management


Data Management solution allows managers or supervisors to access data on a daily basis on different department like finance, marketing and sales.

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Intimate Merger DMP

by Intimate_Merger-logo

Intimate Merger DMP is a Data Management Platform that provides abundant data with extensive segmentation & analysis tools

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