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emma-hemsey Emma Hemsey|   Apr 01, 2021

Credit analysis with collateral tracking


I’m interested in a custom credit analysis that gives a lot of weight to collateral and other securities. Is there a data provider that already offers this kind of service?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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CoreLogic CreditIQ

by corelogic logo

Part of its suite of consumer data, CoreLogic CreditIQ provides customer data to companies. This data includes credit history, property ownership and mortgage records, legal filings, tax payment statuses, evictions, bankruptcies, and child support obligations.

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Enigma Credit Risk Monitoring


Credit Risk Monitoring services from Enigma work to provide businesses with real-time credit data on small businesses.

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Agusto&Co Credit Rating


Agusto&Co Credit Rating provides credit risk ratings to entities such as financial institutions, industrial & commercial sectors and more.

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Al Etihad Credit Bureau Credit Report


Al Etihad Credit Bureau provides online services in availing credit report.

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AM Best Credit Rating Report


AM Best Credit Rating Report provides credit ratings of every region and industry.

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