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dave-seeks-credit-data Dave McGovern|   Apr 03, 2021

True Conspiracy Theories vs Jokes

Is there an existing database tracking which conspiracy theories turned to be true? I have read about the personality traits that incline people toward believing in conspiracy theories. I have also read about declassified government programs that confirm what previously were only wild theories (CoIntelPro, for example). But I’m curious about the effect that social media has had on this subject. 

Social media tends to divert people into self-contained worlds where they don’t receive much information outside their bubble, leading to a distorted view of the world and other people. This is a prime environment for conspiracy theories to flourish. Yet, it’s also the case that people go online to have fun and may engage in conspiracy theory-like discussions (Bielfield Conspiracy, for example). How would I investigate this matter? I could send a bot to crawl social media for these theories, but how exactly? How would I filter jokes from the real thing?

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