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dave-seeks-credit-data Dave McGovern|   Feb 04, 2021

Companies that Provide Great Data and Analysis with Public Data?

Which companies use publicly-available data to provide analysis and service that is so useful that you would be happy to pay for their services?

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EuroRating Public Credit Ratings

by EuroRating

Public Credit Ratings provided by EuroRating can be used for a wide array of purposes including regulatory practices, corporate bond issuances, determining a corporation’s external capital and more.

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by logo

Public Data by provides companies with searchable data from over 450 million domains for businesses to use in lead generation, understanding customers and gaining market insight.

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Vertical Knowledge End-To-End Public Data Platform


Vertical Knowledge End-To-End Public Data Platform connects users to public websites & collects and manages public data to get find insights

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by logo Public Administrations enables users to search for admins data from over 18 million contracts & 1 million suppliers

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CreditRiskMonitor Public Company Risk Analysis


Public Company Risk Analysis account for the majority of worldwide dollars at risk. Identify your risk exposure.

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