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emma-hemsey Emma Hemsey|   Feb 08, 2021

Combining public credit data and private biometric data

Gladtrust (and probably others, but I have been looking at this data provider in particular) offer credit reports and identity verification tools, such as biometric verification. How does a company combine public data like credit reports with very private data like biometrics without coming across any issues? How do they keep the biometric data safe even from their own employees?

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TrackStar Predictive Credit Technology

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TrackStar’s Predictive Credit Technology uses fifteen years of financial dispute data to create predictive models of future borrowing potential. With this data and AI technology, your bank or other lending company can mitigate the risk of fraud, improve existing customer relations, and reduce your operating costs.

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CoreLogic CreditIQ

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Part of its suite of consumer data, CoreLogic CreditIQ provides customer data to companies. This data includes credit history, property ownership and mortgage records, legal filings, tax payment statuses, evictions, bankruptcies, and child support obligations.

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DataX Credit Risk Mitigation


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Del Risco Credit Bureau Reports


Credit Bureau reports provide information about Peruvian companies for clients around the world.

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Dun & Bradstreet CreditSignal

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