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dave-seeks-credit-data Dave McGovern|   Jan 14, 2021

CLTV Data Providers

Which are some of the best data providers for increasing customer lifetime value? For reference, we’re a men’s grooming products company.

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Connected Datasets

Audiens Customer Development Platform

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The Audiens Customer Development Platform is a software kit that enables you to collect data on your website visitors, create unique customer segments, and effectively market to them. 

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Lotame Customer Engagement

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Lotame Customer Engagement provides customer demographics, transactions, and behavior data. With this information, businesses can increase customer loyalty and engagement through data-led marketing campaigns.

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DataX Know Your Customer


DataX Know Your Customer provides data to better asses consumer risk assessment.

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E-Database Marketing Customer Profiling


Customer Profiling provided be E-Database Marketing helps businesses find their target audiences.

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Firma Innovation & Customer Insights


Innovation & Customer Insights by Firma allow businesses to gain a better understanding of customer’s needs, behaviors and motivations in order to create effective branding strategies.

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