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dave-seeks-credit-data Dave McGovern|   Feb 25, 2021

City Sustainability Following Police Disbandment

I hope this controversial topic doesn’t start any fights. I was just wondering about the logistics of this: several cities have movements and protests for the disbanding, defunding, or complete eradication of their police forces. In response, EMT services could not access certain areas as they need police cover. Truck drivers organized to say they would not be willing to enter such cities. Attempts at building farms within city limits were… unsuccessful.

So far, I’ve only heard of Minneapolis city council voting for it but not being able to enact it due to their charter. However, the question: how would a city sustain itself if the police are disbanded and, as a result, trucking companies generally won’t make deliveries (unless they’re paid well above their usual rates) and emergency medical services are curtailed, etc. etc.? What models would you use to plot the lifetime or economic/health status of such a city?

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