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eddie-bakshi Eddie Bakshi|   Feb 21, 2021

Charitable Donations Recommendations

There are a number of quizzes that purport to tell you which charitable cause you should donate to or otherwise support. Which ones work with a user’s online and offline history? If there aren’t any, how would one build one?

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Wealth-X Analytics

by Wealth-X Database Access

Wealth-X Analytics caters to financial, luxury and other related sectors which strategizes through data insights and analysis.

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WealthEngine Advocacy


WealthEngine – Advocacy helps to create lifelong donors by understanding them better to cultivate relationships.

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CharityCAN Prospect Research Software


Project Reaseach Software allows you to quickly search all of our datasets for donation records, compensation records and biographical information.

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CharityCAN Donor Screening


Donor Screening enables you to find the donors that matter the most to you in your database.

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